June 21, 2012

A 50,000 foot view... but we are coming in for a closer look very soon...

Greetings my Eagle Friends!  For those of you new to reading my ramblings, I want to take a moment and explain what you are going to read... or hear.  See there are quite often songs associated with my thoughts so be sure and check out the songs here too.  They will change often with the blog.

As Beverly and I have been talking and assembling this site my mind has just been racing.  Filled with memories of all of the schools (Sheep-Harney, Central Elementary, Pasquotank Elementary, PW Moore, EC Junior High, Northeastern), and sitting on the hood of my car at the Circle Drive-In drinking Miller ponies (and acting cool when the police came by) and throwing Frisbees at Waterfront Park, driving hundreds of miles in a weekend and never leaving Elizabeth City, spending endless days and nights with my feet in the sands of the outer banks, tasting the salt on my lips when I never even set foot in the water, looking for a place to park on Pearl Street so we wouldn’t have to walk so far to watch a football game at Memorial Stadium or riding for hours on Friday nights to get to football games and knew we were getting close when you could see the glow in the sky from the lights at the stadium, the Whaley’s crowd and the Hill’s crowd from junior high school, seeing some of the prettiest girls in the world sitting on the steps of their houses (wondering if they would even speak to me if I would’ve had the nerve to stop), re-living some awkward, exhilarating, stupid relationship “stuff” (why in the world my friends tolerated some of my stupidity is beyond my understanding but I am forever grateful that they did) … the stories wash over me like a flood. I will be sharing thoughts on these subjects and many more…Many of you are a part of these stories... but don't worry... I will change the names to protect... well, maybe we weren't so innocent!  In any case, there is a song that is new posted with this... I think the words and story fit nicely.... Enjoy!  Go Eagles!!!


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