July 7, 2012

Here's to them.....

There were days when I was incorrigible ... and then there were the days that I just didn't seem to care at all... yet, they showed up every day doing the best they could to encourage and inspire me. Some how they managed to tolerate it. And to my amazement, they actually succeeded in a lot of cases. In spite of my lack of enthusiasm so much of what they did has stuck with me all of these years... and so here's to them...


Mrs s Barclift, Flood, Boswell and Ms. Finch.. for all of the books I never read... and all of the middle english and Shakespere I never completely understood. I really did enjoy those nights of Masterpiece Theatre at Ms. Floods though.. what a blast!


Mrs s Alexander and Harris... I know you really tried to help me with math... but somethings just don't stick too well.


Mrs. Cooper: I struggled enough with English so I know you didn't stand a chance with French... but I still remember the words to La Marseillaise.


Mr. Gray: You brought history to life for me... and thought me so much more. I always loved the conversations at your house while you were carving ducks.


Coach Winslow: He was such a quiet man... and yet when he spoke, we all jumped!


Yes, I am sure you all remember stories about these and many more....remember.. and smile! Go Eagles!


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Debbie Humensky on July 7, 2012 6:18 PM
Walter...I had to laugh out loud at your comment regarding La Marseillaise, because I remember every word, too!!!  I can still remember the absolute terror I felt standing in front of the class all by myself and singing it.  There should be a special place in Heaven for those of us who lived through that.
Walter White on July 7, 2012 6:24 PM
Debbie, I was terrrified too!  I remember that day like it was yesterday... since no one would volunteer Mrs. Cooper started going up and down each row.  Some how she missed me.. and I sat there until everyone had been before I told her... Maybe one of the scariest things I ever did... lol... funny how that sorta thing comes back to you...
Patsy on July 17, 2012 2:35 PM
Hi Debbie and Walter! Alonzon fa do la patria! I don't remember how to spell the words, but I too, remember how to sing them. I don't remember much else in French, though.  I still have a little wooden duck pin that Mr. Gray made. Thanks for helping us to have these fond memories, Walter!

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