July 11, 2012

Dance with me....

There is nothing that stirs more emotions in the heart of a high schooler than the simple 4 letter word P-R-O-M.  Those emotions can be of total excitement, dread or even shear terror.  Myself I was more toward the back end of that spectrum myself.  I’m not much of a dancer, but hopefully I’m not so bad that you remember seeing me at our senior prom.  But I do seem to remember a couple of things about those particular events that I thought I would mention.


First, in our junior year, we were responsible for putting the whole thing together.  It seems to me that the Honor Society was the organization that took the lead on this I believe.  Because it was the bi-centennial of the US we obviously went with a patriotic theme… just like we did with the hall decorations for spirit week (see previous blog). 


Then in our senior year.. if I’m not mistaken that was the year the prom got moved from Saturday night to Friday night.  I remember everyone being kinda put out about it but once we started thinking about it; it worked out perfect.  Some of us took the day off from school to get our rides all nice and spiffy.  I remember spending a part of that day at the car-wash in front of the Web Drive-In (don’t act like you don’t know where I’m talking about!). 


I was so uncomfortable that night.  I’m not a mover and a shaker but I gave it a whirl and as it turned out, it was a blast!  I remember sweating up a storm that night… everyone was on the floor most of the night, laughing and just having the best time.


Then later that night, or for some of us the next morning we took off for the beach.  Now those stories will not appear here… to protect the innocent… as well as the guilty.  What a glorious weekend it was.


A weekend of good friends, great music and wonderful times… hmmmm?  Kinda sounds like something happening in October a little bit, doesn’t it?  


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