July 19, 2012

Our Friday Night Lights

There was something about it.  I loved getting out of the car with a chill in the air.  You could sense the excitement as everyone else was getting out of their cars too and heading across the parking lot.  The bright lights for the field were lighting up the night sky for miles around.  The smell of cigarette smoke filled the air and in the distance you could hear the band ever so faintly as they were warming up.


We would yell across the parking lot at our friends as if we hadn’t seen them in forever when in fact we had just left them, in that exact same parking lot not 4 hours earlier.  We all headed for the gate, purchase our student ticket and head for the stands.  We arrived early because we wanted to be sure and get a good seat in the student section… right next to the band.   We knew that was where the action all happened.  It wouldn’t be long until we were all standing and sporadically yelling and waiting until we heard.. “Give me an “E”, Give me an “A”, Give me a “G”… and we would scream Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! at the top of our lungs.


Somewhere around the 4 minute mark in the second quarter the band would head down to get set for the show.  We would all hang around in the stands to watch… in hopes that this performance would be the one… you know the one I’m talking about… the performance that earns, “the bow”.  I believe I saw that happen maybe twice in my life.  Where Mr. Callaway would go out after the performance and bow to the band as an indication of an outstanding performance.  The cheer from the crowd would be as large for that as it was at any time during the game.


The teams would return and the battle would continue.  More often than not, we were victorious, which always made for a better evening.  Once the game was over, we all headed back across the parking lot, heading out to The Circle, or Tucks, or some of the other hang outs for our “post game festivities”.  Gotta love a Friday night football game!  Go Eagles!


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