August 1, 2012

Club Day

It seemed to me that there was a club for just about everything you could possibly think of when we were in high school. Some of them seemed to just be a support mechanism for the classes we took like the French and Spanish Clubs. Others seem to be more more career focused like Science Club. I have trouble keeping so many of them straight like VICA and FBLA.. and there were clubs for farming and clubs for health care worker and home makers... pretty much anything you can imagine.


I know that those clubs were helpful to many... they taught leadership skills... and provided social outlets for many. Then there were slackards like me.... yeah, I was a member of some of these clubs but I wasn't a real leader in any of them. Actually I wasn't much of a member if I recall correctly. I was just a member that showed up at the meetings and sat in the back and tried to stay out of trouble... as best I could.


I do remember that the teachers were a lot different during the club meetings. They just seemed to be more relaxed and personable. That was one of the things that I liked about being in clubs... that and a great excuse to get out of class for a while!! Go Eagles!


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