August 25, 2012

A good show... and a great song!

We are the first generation that really grew up with TV being a prominent thing in our lives. Those mornings with Captain Kangaroo and Miss Connie on Romper Room... and then we grew older... and the shows of the 70's were the best! Here is a list of some of them: WKRP, Good Times, Sanford and Son, All in the Family, The Rockford Files, Welcome Back Kotter, Happy Days, The Jeffersons, Mash, Maude, Laverne and Shirley, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


I'm sure there are a bunch more that are now flying through your mind but the thing that I loved about all of these shows... The theme songs! The music of these shows was just as popular as the shows themselves. I hear them and they all just make me smile.... if you haven't listened to the the music on the website lately... you will hear a couple of tunes that I bet you remember..... go Eagles!!


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