August 28, 2012

Waiting on the Bell....

Hanging out before school started was a great way to start the day.  It was a way that a bunch of blurry eyed teenagers could ease into the flow of things.  It all depended on who you were and how you got there as to where it was you hung out too.


It seems like all the band people would congregate at the band room… and all the shop guys would gather around the shop area… you remember back where Mr. Dunlow’s room was located.  Then there were the smokers.  Those cool kids that regardless of the weather would stand outside in the smoking area and smoke away.


The rest of us just seemed to gather in the cafeteria.  Looking back at it now, it was almost kind of like church.  The same people sat at the same table with their same group of friends every morning.  We would talk about a particular TV show or that test that was coming up… gossip about who went out with whom and who caught them… (Yeah, you know you all did that, so don’t act all surprised).


Then the bell would ring and off we would go in all directions.  But we would gather in the cafeteria again with our friends at lunch time… that is if we were lucky enough to have the same lunch.  And in our senior year we got to sit in the pit… the place of honor at NHS.  It was pretty neat that there was a place like that. 


And in our senior year, the school designated the interior courtyard down on the math and science halls to the seniors too.  This gave us a couple of place to hangout that those obnoxious underclassmen couldn’t bother us, although I’m not real sure I ever sat in that courtyard.


Now getting to school and leaving in the afternoons… that was a treat too!  But that’s another blog for another day!


Go Eagles!


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