August 30, 2012

The Pinnacle of Fine Dining....

Of all the times I was at the Circle Drive In on Hughes Blvd. there is only one time that I can ever remember going inside the place… and that was to use their facilities.  I may have gone in there on other occasions but with a lot of things associated with the Circle, it’s all a little fuzzy.


I have no idea what the food was like there but there were a ton of locally owned places that to this day I still think were some of the best I ever ate at… here is my list… and please at yours to it!


The Sundry Shop (my Aunt Becky’s place) on S. Road St.

            Some of the best chicken salad anywhere! 

Comstock’s Confectionary

            Loved those cheese burgers a lot.  Got to wash it down with an orangeade! 

Virginia Dare Sandwich Shoppe

            Great BLT on toast. 


            Ox-a-burger!  ‘nuff said! 

Hill’s / Whaley’s

            Where did I get that grill cheese sandwich that I loved so much? 

City Cut Rate Drugs

            Not a place to eat but battled with Comstock’s on those orangeades for sure! 

 Colonial Restaurant

            Great little full service restaurant where all the movers and shakers were. 

Vicki Villa

            It was the salad!  Remember? 


            If it was barbecue… then it was Tucks. 

Come on folks… help me out… I’m sure I’m missing a bunch!


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