September 3, 2012

THE Day...

It was Tuesday, June 7, 1977.  My mom made me press my robe before I left for the school but I really didn't mind.  I was excited and nervous... and so very happy to finally be finished with high school.  We were the first class to be graduating on the football field. 

I really don't remember where all of the classes before us graduated but I do remember that evening... lining up in the hall way that led across the breezeway to the gym.  We were all lined up in alphabetical order except for the honor graduates... they led us out to the field. 

I remember the band (minus the seniors, of course) were sitting out next to stage playing Pomp and Circumstance as we came in row after row... 

I can't tell you much about the actual graduation.... other than it seemed to take a really long time and when it was finished, we had to go back by our home rooms to actually pick up our diplomas...  I went by Mr. Mansfields trailer, picked mine up and headed for the parking lot.  To the best of my memory that was the last day that I ever set foot in that building... maybe it's time to go back again. 

Go Eagles!


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