The Eagle's Eye

(from December 1974 issue)

Northeastern Band Attends Oyster Bowl

On Saturday, the 16th of November, the Northeastern High School Band, under the direction of Scott C. Callaway, participated in the Annual Oyster Bowl parade and Football game which were originated by Shriner Melvin T. Blossingham.
The Northeastern High School Band was the lead-off band, that is the band first in line to start bands down Monticello Avenue.  It was also the band selected to lead the audience in the National Anthem prior to the Maryland vs. Duke game. 
The Northeastern Band, the only band that has attended every Oyster Bowl parade and game, this year has 87 members.  Its director, Mr. Callaway, for the fourth and fifth times in his twenty-six years as band director, bowed to this group during halftime three weeks ago and again at the Homecoming ceremony.
Band officers for the 1974-75 year include: Mark Vickrey, Captain; Doug Toppin, Manager; Danny Rogerson, Drum Major; Mary Ann Aydlett, Student Director; Gary White, Frank Meads, and Gary Boswood, Personnel Officers.  Melissa Meekins is Head Majorette.

(a little funny from that same paper)

Junior Writes Home From School
The following letter was written by a junior:
Dear Folk$,
Ju$t a few word$ to let you know I mi$$ you all.  $chool is fine, but I have a few problem$.  Gue$$ you under$tand.  Plea$e ru$h $ome.....
Father replied this way:
Dear Junior,
We ackNOwledge your NOvel but obNOxious NOte and NOtice your typewrite is abNOrmal.  Hope you kNOw a good repairman.  NOt too expensie.  It's hard to proNOunce your NOtion of an "s".
Mother NOminated me to write, but there's NO other news.  Miss you too NOw....

Drama Club Activities

On November 22, the NHS Drama Club, under the direction of Mrs. Betty Dunn, presented a three-act play, "The Absent Minded Professor."  The cast included Gary Johnson, Ralph McCaffity, Dorothy Thomas, Alonzo Newby, Julie Haskell, Segried Barrow, Jeannie Harris, John Lutton, Patsy Pierce, Debbie Hartzog, Glen Harris, and Rodney Matthews.  Because of the success of the play, the club plans to have a spring production and possibly a talent show.
Among the most important activities the club plans to sponsor will be a drama festival.  The Drama Club will also be sponsoring fund raising projects to support future plays.
On November 8, the club hosted a reception for the Shakespearean Company that performed scenes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Othello, and Taming of the Shrew.
The 1974-75 officers are President, Kim Austin; Vice President, Mary Kay Dent; Secretary, Laura Sheely, Corresponding Secretary, Kathy Anderson; and Treasurer, Lorraine Hutto.
"The club hopes to have a big year, and with the help of the student body, we can attain our goal," said Patty Chappell, an active member of the club.

(From December 1974)

Future Homemakers of America

The Future Homemakers of America elected new officers and made plans for the year.  All officers were elected on club day.  They are President, Karen Walton;  Vice President, Spring Williams; Secretary, Jean Mumford; Treasurer, Pam Parks; Reporter, Arretha Bailey and Historian, Cheryl Sutton.
A district rally was held October 9, 1974 at Northeastern High School Gym.  A fashion show was given by Northeastern's chapter.  Mrs. Sylvia C. Matthews, sponsor of the club, selected several members of the club to be models.  Those involved in the activity were, Jill Jarvis, Jean Mumford, Arretha Bailey, Darline King, Phyllis Godfrey, Jeannie Harris, Greta Harrell, Karen Walton, and Tammy Johnson.  The commentator was Mrs. Katherine S. Wassink, former Educational Stylist for Simplicity pattern company.
Though the F.H.A. forsees other activities for the year, specific plans are incomplete.

Fall Fashions - 1974

This fall proved to be a big change fashion-wise for the girls and guys at NHS.  Even girls who "never" get out of pants, got out for the new skirts.  Skirts are bigger and longer this fall in basic colors like brown, rust, navy, and black.  Even with the long skirts, the girls are still able to show a great pair of legs.
For the guys, fashion took a big leap this year.  Low-slung jeans are on the way out, and the high-waisted pants are on the way in, either in plaids or solid colors.  Top these pants off with turtle-necks, printed jersey shirts, satin shirts, or equined T-shirts.  To pull together this look, try a skinny belt and waist-length army jacket to match the pants.  Platform shoes also appear very popular on the feet while wide-brimmed hats complete the outfit.
As skirts move fuller, pants - which are still terrific - went straight.  Baggy is out; detail is everything.  A trim, tailored line is the idea.  (If they don't fit, forget it.)  Some pants are topped with a T-shirt and coordinating scarf, while others are worn with a hooded sweat-shirt style sweater with a turtleneck underneath.  For dressing up, maybe an open-collared crepe shirt with some accessories can be worn.
If there is one thing you can't be without this year, it is a sweater - big and bulky, for a double life as a warm coat.  The sweaters look great wound up with a long length of scarf for chill-chasing.  (Don't forget small sweaters either, for day or night dressing, on the run.)
Extras - here's where the girls get themselves together.  Little things add up to "big" this fall.  Hats, scarves, and jewelry put your face in focus.  Hair and make-up has a fresh, new outlook.  Bags, belts, and gloves, socks, stocking, shoes, beautiful boots - these all add to the "new" look of fall.
Head to toe, this is the year to go back to school in style!